List Assist

About the project

ListAssist is a data processing service which is more than just import and export files. Designed for the list manager or owner by the best practices of data processing pros, ListAssist provides you a 24 hour access to your lists right from the desktop. It will help quickly and easily meet your client’s needs.
  • Complete and total control of counts and orders.
  • Make right decisions by running queries with endless select combinations.
  • Fill last minute orders and identify lists for mailers who may have lost names elsewhere.
  • Import state and SCF selects from your purchase order.
  • Use our list profiles to create data cards with ease.
  • Keep your data clean with CASS certified software.
  • Suppress prior orders to keep your client’s response and reputation strong.
  • Run counts over and over.
  • No charge for selects to help your clients build the most effective campaigns. Use our list profiles to create data cards with ease.
  • Process and ship orders same-day to meet deadlines.
ListAssist provides you with complete control over your list but behind it all are data professionals who are at-the-ready to help.

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